Tristan and Iseult

Written by:
Joseph Bédier
Narrated by:
Joy Chan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
2 hours 40 minutes
This is the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Iseult. It is a tale of love, honour, intrigue, betrayal and jealousy, ending ultimately in tragedy. This story predates that of Lancelot and Guinevere, and is one of the most influential romances of the medieval period, inspiring many artists, from story-tellers to painters to composers.
(Summary by Joy Chan)
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Beautiful narration of this timeless love story. By the way “Tintagel” is pronounced Tin Taj el.

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Sara Parker

Four stars for the story, three for the narrator, and one measly star for Librivox. No, not even. No stars for Librivox. We get it, Librivox. This is your recording, it's in the public domain, it's The Romance of Tristan and Isolde by Joseph Bédier, and Joy Chan narrates it. No need to remind us after EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. As for Joy, I like her. Her voice is nice, and she doesn't try and pull wild accents for every character. She's clearly an amateur without professional equipment and makes a few mistakes, but it wasn't bad. It was easy for me to pay attention. The story was excellent. A true romantic tragedy, it has all the danger and betrayal and love you could ask for. The movie seemed really similar to Romeo and Juliet, but the stories set themselves apart. And that's all I can think to say, so there you have it.

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I liked the story

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Sharon P.

Even though I’ve heard of the story, I hadn’t read it. This seems to be a beautiful version.

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This classic story was an enjoyable listen. Not the best classic tale I’ve ever read, but a four-star read. I thought the narrator’s voice was lovely, and enjoyed her pacing and accent. There were a few pauses where she was clearly stopping and starting recording equipment, so it’s not the most professional read ever, but I didn’t mind. Not did I mind that each chapter began with a reminder that this is a LibraVox recording in the public domain. Overall I recommend this recording.

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