Trouble on the Way: Persecution in the Christian Life

Written by:
Floyd A. Brobbel
Narrated by:
Michael Beck

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
7 hours 15 minutes
While most of us have heard about Christians suffering for their faith, we tend to think "persecution" mainly impacts believers in times past or in hostile nations today, far removed from our daily lives. But this eye-opening book describes the various stages of persecution, revealing that persecution is something all followers of the Way can expect to face in this fallen world.  Trouble on the Way will not only help readers recognize persecution in all its forms but enable them to stand firm against it. The book does not promote a "doormat" Christianity but rather asserts quite the opposite--a victorious, resilient faith that not only survives but thrives as it encounters the very gates of hell. 

Sharing from his decades of experience with persecuted believers near and far, author Floyd Brobbel invites you to: 
- Discern God s purpose for His church in an ungodly world 
- Learn how Christ endured and responded to persecution 
- Discover how His followers, past and present, emulate Christ in His suffering 
- Recognize how persecution seeks to hinder Christian faith and witness     
- Learn how to respond to any persecution you face with confident love
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