True Stories of Wonderful Deeds

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LibriVox Volunteers

Unabridged Audiobook

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January 2017
1 hour 32 minutes
37 short pieces perfect for newer recorders. These one page Stories of (mostly) Wonderful Deeds were written for Little Folk to teach them about famous incidents in their history. Bonnie Prince Charlie, Nelson and Hardy, Bruce and the Spider, David Livingston, Canute, Sir Philip Sydney, and Elizabeth and Raleigh are just some of the well known people and incidents covered in short stories. (Summary by phil chenevert)
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One narrator barely speaks English. Some stories not appropriate for little folk. The

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Stories of historical figures. A few short tales refer to personages who were contemporary to the writer. Some of the short stories in this book are so short, they don’t tell much at all! Yes they are for young folks, but in leaving so much out of the story of an historical figure, it gives a wrong impression of the true story. But for some of the tales, it is hoped that the curiosity of a young reader would be stirred so that they would look up the events to learn more. Again, I would suggest that your readers get a pronunciation dictionary or online programme for words they don’t know. It shows my more respect to give proper pronunciation. Most of the readers did very well.

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