The Trust: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2017
12 hours 40 minutes
The Trust, from Ronald H. Balson, the international bestselling author of Once We Were Brothers, finds private investigator Liam Taggart returning to his childhood home for an uncle's funeral, only to discover his death might not have been natural.

When his uncle dies, Liam Taggart reluctantly returns to his childhood home in Northern Ireland for the funeral—a home he left years ago after a bitter confrontation with his family, never to look back. But when he arrives, Liam learns that not only was his uncle shot to death, but that he’d anticipated his own murder: In an astonishing last will and testament, Uncle Fergus has left his entire estate to a secret trust, directing that no distributions be made to any person until the killer is found. Did Fergus know, but refuse to name, his killer? Was this a crime of revenge, a vendetta leftover from Northern Ireland’s bloody sectarian war? After all, the Taggarts were deeply involved in the IRA. Or is it possible that the killer is a family member seeking Fergus’s estate? Otherwise, why postpone distributions to the heirs? Most menacingly, does the killer now have his sights on other family members?

As his investigation draws Liam farther and farther into the past he has abandoned, he realizes he is forced to reopen doors long ago shut and locked. Now, accepting the appointment as sole trustee of the Fergus Taggart Trust, Liam realizes he has stepped into the center of a firestorm.

The Trust is a gripping audiobook from an acknowledged master of secrecy and suspense.
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Susan R

Not nearly as good as the first three in the series. I'd probably skip this one.

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Toni P.

Good story line. The Narrator is awesome!

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Julie B.

Another intriguing story from Ronald H Balson that I really enjoyed. Well written, hard to put down.

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Mary Lee M.

VERY predictable! But I love Liam and Cat...and all the other books.hope the next one out is better!

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Janice M

Interesting plot, keeping you guessing. Really enjoyed this. The author has s great feel for the characters, their personalities and their culture.

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