The Truths We Burn

Written by:
Monty Jay
Narrated by:
Grayson Owens , Lucy Rivers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
13 hours 19 minutes
Beneath the deepest parts of Ponderosa Springs lied secrets that we never meant to be uncovered.

Blood has soaked the hands of those we trusted most. Decrepit intentions finally come to light. And now truths are ready to be incinerated in the open for everyone to witness.

I was ready to watch this town that made me the villain rot in front of my eyes, but it seems ghosts don't stay buried here. Everyone's favorite sweetheart has returned to Hollow Heights dragging nothing but unanswered questions and grim memories behind her.

A distraction I can't afford with the police sniffing around. A mistake that torched my last piece of humanity. The dirty little secret that has returned searching for closure surrounding her sister's mysterious death.

But I know the innocent, lost girl is an act. They all are eating from the palm of her hand, puppets on her string. But not me. I see her for what she truly is, I always have. A fake. A manipulator. A liar.

I won't let her ruin all we have worked for. I refuse to let her derail our plan of vengeance. I've played your game once before, Sage, now it's time to play mine. And you're not making it out without getting burned.

Contains mature themes.
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