Twintuition: Double Cross

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
4 hours 30 minutes
Identical twins Caitlyn and Cassie Waters are excited about their class’s special field trip to San Antonio and the chance to show their new friends the colorful sights of their old stomping grounds, like
the River Walk and El Mercado. But their ability to see glimpses of the future is making them a little anxious about going home again. Now their grandmother is certain that their visions might mean
danger, and their mom and aunt are whispering on the phone. The girls know that something big is going on with their family, but Caitlyn and Cassie can’t figure out what.

As the girls reach San Antonio, trouble finds them as quickly as a vision. And when one of their friends disappears, it’s up to the girls to use their Sight and street smarts to save the day. But while trying
to use their visions to save their friend, they begin to see things they didn’t expect—there’s a man in captivity who looks exactly like their father’s pictures. Could he really be alive? And can they use the
clues they see to save him before it’s too late?
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