Twintuition: Double Dare

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
4 hours 24 minutes
IDENTICAL TWINS CASSIE AND CAITLYN Waters may be able to see into the future, but they never anticipated
how much their lives would change on their twelfth birthday. Their visions are getting stronger, their social studies
teacher suspects they have special powers, and the grandmother they just found out about is in town to teach them how
to better control what they foresee.

While the girls devote their afternoons to strengthening their Sight, their days are spent competing in a class-wide
game of Truth or Dare. But as the game goes on, the ideas get wilder and crazier . . . and even a little dangerous, too.

When a vision shows the girls’ friend getting hurt, Cassie and Caitlyn know that they’re the only ones who can
prevent it. They need to figure out what will happen before it’s too late, but with their teacher waiting to catch them
midvision, they’re not sure they can risk looking into the future again.

Can Cassie and Caitlyn dare to put the pieces together in time? Or will helping their friend mean that the truth
will come out?
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Leilani M.

I think it is very interesting so far.

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