Unbelievable Faith

Written by:
Jess Bryant
Narrated by:
Elizabeth Hart

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
6 hours 56 minutes
Fate can be cruel.

Luna DeLuca has lost everything except for her faith in herself. Kidnapped, tortured and threatened by a male that's already killed half her family, she knows the only way to save the other half is by offering herself up to him. To save her sisters, she's willing to do anything, even accept a claim from a male that isn't her mate.

Fate can be twisted.

Michael Hudson thought his mission to save the neighboring Crescent pack was about helping out a friend. But the second he sets his eyes on the beautiful girl locked away in a dank basement he knows she's why he was put on the face of this planet. She's the reason he's here. Only, she bears the scent of another.

But fate can also be kind.

As brave as she is, Luna's wolf is submissive and submissive wolves aren't meant to lead packs. She knows that. So does Michael. But when he refuses to give up on her, she begins to see why fate put them together. She softens him and he strengthens her and maybe, just maybe, if they believe in fate enough they can find their way to forever.

Contains mature themes.
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Susan G.

I liked the story line but listening was very hard for me due to the Narrator.

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