Unblood Cultivator

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
13 hours 12 minutes
Trapped in a hidden realm, Kiran and his sworn family must escape to save their world from destruction. The gods are watching him and his time twin Asher closely. With allies new and old, they must rise to the challenge, growing stronger to win a high-stakes tournament where they are the underdogs. Can they beat the odds while evading dark sect clans and demonic forces? Tasked with a higher purpose, Kiran faces a difficult choice. Protect his world or the ones he loves. Time waits for no one, but can Kiran grow strong enough to bend it to his will? Family or the world—only time will reveal the path he chooses. For fans of Cradle, Thousand Li, and Heaven's Laws, this epic new progression fantasy story is a western cultivation fantasy novel with mild romance but no harem.
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