The Uncommon Commodity: The Common Sense Guide for New Managers

The Uncommon Commodity: The Common Sense Guide for New Managers

Written by:
Doug Thorpe
Narrated by:
Kevin Theis
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
3 hours 48 minutes
Written from first-hand experiences offered by author, banker, and entrepreneur, Doug Thorpe. This is a collection of practical principles, ideas, tips, and life hacks to help new managers thrive.

It is common business practice for companies of all sizes to look across their workforce and make some interesting picks when a new team leader is needed. Often the selection criteria are based upon highest performer, the biggest producer, or 'smartest' worker.

Moving from being the doer on the team to being the leader of the team is a big leap for most. Despite business school learning or practical on-the-job leadership lessons (like returning military), nothing is more sobering that meeting with your team for the first time after you are selected.

Effective transition begins immediately. Miss the first few steps and you might have momentum moving in the wrong direction. There are so many variables that can determine the outcome.

As the candidate who becomes the new manager, your role changes on the spot. Now other people are counting on you for guidance, decision making, and support. You still might have your own work product quotas to manage, but now you add on the load of managing the others.

While things heat up at work during the transition, it is easy for your personal life to get out of balance.
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