Unexpected Surrender

Unexpected Surrender

Written by:
J.M. Walker
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
8 hours 5 minutes
I am Luther Knight. 

Powerful. Businessman. I own everything and everyone around me. 

Until her. 

Lexi Adams challenges me in ways I never knew I needed. 

She’s defiant and stubborn, unwilling to show me her true submission. 

She turns my whole world upside down and no matter how much I ignore it, I can’t help but

crave her. 

When she becomes desperate, The Club is all that she has, and I watch as she falls for her Master. 

She’s confused, conflicted, and unable to decide who she wants more. Me or Him. 

But the difference between her and I? I know what I want. Her. 

And I won’t stop until I have her at my side. 

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