Vampire Hunter D: Volume 11 - Pale Fallen Angel Parts One and Two [Dramatized Adaptation]: Vampire Hunter D 11

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
7 hours 58 minutes
'Krauhasen: A mysterious land under the control of Lord Vlad Balarge, a member of the vampire Nobility. When Lord Vlad's son, Baron Byron Balarge, needs to make a long and treacherous journey to faraway Krauhasen, he commissions the help of the infamous Vampire Hunter D, promising a princely sum and a solemn vow-no feasting on any humans for the duration of their journey!
Still, D finds his work cut out for him as the duo encounters an ongoing parade of thugs, rogues, and runaways, all with riot and revenge in mind. The pair are joined by the teenage tumbling act, May and Hugh, and the haughty Noblewoman Miska, recently spared death by the stake. But when D discovers the Baron's plans to murder Lord Vlad, he quickly finds his own life in danger.
Pale Fallen Angels - Parts One and Two, the first two stories of Hideyuki Kikuchi's groundbreaking epic four-part Vampire Hunter D tale, are presented here in one omnibus production!
Adapted from the novel and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music!
Performed by Scott McCormick, David Cui Cui, Mike Carnes, Emily Beresford, Amanda Forstrom, Drew Kopas, Khaya Fraites, Terence Aselford, Henry Kramer, James Lewis, John Kielty, Richard Rohan, Daniel Llaca, Matthew Bassett, Patrick Boylan, Ken Jackson, Elias Khalil, Michael John Casey, Robb Moreira, Gabriel Michael, Bradley Smith, Matthew Pauli, Ryan Haugen, Samantha Cooper, Yasmin Tuazon, and Karen Novack.'
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