Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
11 hours 13 minutes
Ancient vampire, Viktor Christianson, thrived for thousands of years without love. Enjoying the finer things in life, the international playboy embraced the essence of his immortal existence. But after he rescues a beautiful human from a bloodthirsty predator, he discovers she's awakened the humanity he thought he'd long forgotten. Captivated by her unique energy, Viktor vows to protect her and soon realizes she's the key to his future.

When art curator Waverly LaFleur first encounters the lethal stranger, her instinct is to run far, far away. Although she's hidden her psychic visions for years, premonitions morph into reality, and she begins to attract dark entities she could never imagine existed. When the debonair vampire saves her life, she cannot deny temptation, spiraling into the seductive ancient's world.

While seeking the truth about the evil that's entered their lives, Viktor unearths the dark truth of his lineage, suspecting his nemesis is alive. He must choose wisely or become everything he's always hated. If they survive, will he come to terms with his humanity and bond with a human or leave her forever, abandoning love?

Contains mature themes.

This was a fantastic story! It’s so enjoyable listening to it in the narrator’s voices and hearing the story come alive! Awesome narration! Highly recommend!

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I just finished listening to Viktor from Kym Grosso. I absolutely love the book. It's my first audiobook. I have the whole series.

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Denise F.

I love all of Kym's books. Having read the book and then listening to it, I pick up things I missed when I read the story. And Ryan West's voice, swoon worthy! This whole series is fabulous!

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