Written by:
Charlotte Bronte
Narrated by:
Mandy Weston

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2007
20 hours 5 minutes
Now considered by many to be Charlotte Brontë's best novel, though unlikely to eclipse Jane Eyre in fame and popularity, Villette is largely concerned with the experiences of Lucy Snowe in a girl's boarding school in a fictionalised Belgium. Lucy flees unhappiness in England only to find more abroad. Her love for Dr John unrequited, she slowly realises that a deeper attachment is growing between her and her irascible domineering mentor and colleague, M. Paul Emanuel. The promise of fulfilment and the realisation of love with a man with whom she might live on something like equal terms hangs in the balance in a story that dwells on powerful emotions without ever lapsing into sentimentality.
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György K

Mandy Weston is a superb narrator - but she is not Lucy Snowe. The main character of the book, Lucy, is cold and "insensitive", Weston is everything but. Her narration is sweet, her voice is kind throughout the novel and I felt that this was not the right tone for the book. I enjoyed it immensely though and I hope I can listen to something else in Weston's narration in the future.

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