Virginibus Puerisque and Other Papers (Unabridged)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
5 hours 31 minutes
We are all busy in this world building Towers of Babel; and the child of our imaginations is always a Changeling when it comes from nurse. This is not only true in the greatest, as of wars and folios, but in the least also, like the trifling volume in your hand. Thus I began to write these papers with a defi nite end: I was to be the Advocatus, not I hope Diaboli, but Juventutis, ' I was to state temperately the beliefs of youth as Opposed to the contentions of age; to go over all the field where the two differ, and produce at last a little volume of special pleadings, which I might call, without misnomer, Life at Twenty five. But times kept changing, and I shared in the change. I clung hard to that entrancing age; but, with the best will, no man can be twenty-five forever. The old, ruddy convictions deserted me, and, along with them, the style that fits their presentation and defence. I saw, and indeed my friends in formed me, that the game was up. A good part Of the volume would answer to the long-projected title; but the shadows Of the prison-house are on the rest.
Content: Virginibus Puerisque I / Virginibus Puerisque II / Virginibus Puerisque III: On Falling in Love / Virginibus Puerisque IV: The Truth of Intercourse / Crabbed Age and Youth / An Apology for Idlers / Ordered South / Æs Triplex / El Dorado / The English Admirals / Some Portraits by Raeburn / Child's Play / Walking Tours / Pan's Pipes / A Plea for Gas Lamps
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