Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts

Written by:
Piers Morgan
Narrated by:
Piers Morgan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
9 hours 33 minutes
The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller

It’s time we get back to common sense.

It’s time to cancel the cancel culture.

It’s time to Wake Up.

If, like me, you’re sick and tired of being told how to think, speak, eat and behave, then this book is for you.

If, like me, you think the world’s going absolutely nuts, then this book is for you.

If, like me, you think NHS heroes and Captain Tom are the real stars of our society, not self-obsessed tone-deaf celebrities (and royal renegades!), then this book is for you. If, like me, you’re sickened by the cancel culture bullies destroying people’s careers and lives, then this book is for you. From feminism to masculinity, racism to gender, body image to veganism, mental health to competitiveness at school, the right to free speech and expressing an honestly held opinion is being crushed at the altar of ‘woke’ political correctness.

In 2020, the world faced its biggest crisis in a generation: a global pandemic. In the UK, it exposed deep divisions within society and laid bare a toxic culture war that had been raging beneath the surface. From the outset, Piers Morgan urged the nation to come to its senses, once and for all, and held the Government to often ferocious account over its handling of the crisis.

COVID-19 shed shocking light on the problems that plague our country. Stockpilers and lockdown-cheats revealed our grotesque levels of self-interest and the virtue-signalling woke brigade continued their furious assault on free speech, shutting down debate on important issues like gender, racism and feminism. Yet just as coronavirus exposed our flaws, it also showcased our strengths. We saw selfless bravery in the heroic efforts of our healthcare staff. A greater appreciation of migrant workers. A return of local community spirit. And inspiring, noble acts from members of the public such as Captain Sir Tom Moore.
Wake Up is Piers’ rallying cry for a united future in which we reconsider what really matters in life. It is a plea for the return of true liberalism, where freedom of speech is king. Most of all, it is a powerful account of how the world finally started to wake up, and why it mustn’t go back to sleep again.
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David F.

The author is full of himself

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Still L.

Quite good...it is read by piers morgan which makes it better..... quite a bit sweary, doesn't bother me but may some people.... some of the coronovirus bits were a bit boring.....but was obviously written during coronovirus and who isn't bored with hearing about it.... But the real meaning of "woke" is interesting... worth a listen.

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I thought the book was great. I do not agree with everything Piers said which is generally how I feel when I read his articles online, but I agree with probably 90%. I tend toward conservatism rather than liberalism in the U.S. but I am always on the line, especially in terms of social issues. I am sick to death of ‘woke’ culture precisely because they take away my right to disagree with anything they said. In the U.S. you see right here the reason there is a silent majority who will vote for Trump, though we don’t really love the guy or his inflammatory tweets. But because we see his ability to recover an economy that would have tanked no matter who was in charge. I don’t think of myself as a conservative or Republican, but as an independent. I try to very carefully look at the options but sadly we have not had good options for quite some time. I long for a world where we can honestly debate. I would love to be able to sit in a relaxed personal space and debate Piers. Because I know he knows what he is talking about and believe he would honor me enough to listen to my point of view as well. I like to talk politics but...I rarely do because these days it descends into anger and hatred and words said that don’t need to be said. I feel sad that I feel unable or unwilling to argue my points because I don’t want to assaulted. Sadly this seems to be where we are right now. Thank you for the book Piers!

Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts
This title is due for release on October 15, 2020.

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Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts
This title is due for release on October 15, 2020
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Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts
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Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts

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