Walk of Shame: A Hot Romantic Comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
8 hours 45 minutes
One night. No strings. And a really good puck.

Five years ago, Astrid O’Malley experienced the ultimate in public humiliation.

Being dumped at the altar by her childhood sweetheart was horrifying enough.

That fact that he was a professional hockey goalie and her dad was his coach? It was all anyone in sports could talk about.

Eff hockey. Eff goalies.

These days, Astrid lives a life (mostly) free of hockey and free to pursue whoever she wants with exactly zero shame in her game. Like tonight’s hook-up. This guy’s nailed the lumberjack aesthetic perfectly. Especially when he has the stamina and creativity to back it up.

Because the rule is: it’s one night only. Which is gonna be a problem because she’s just discovered he lives in the apartment upstairs.

And he’s joined her dad’s team. As the goalie coach. To train her ex.

Now Astrid is in some kind of hockey hell—filled with her ex, her family, and the best sex of her life. And somehow she’s been roped back onto the team.

Puck my life.
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Julia E.

A cute and funny story. Athlete, neighbor and coworker... that's all what Astrid finds out about her supposed ONS Cal after they spent a fantastic night together. It's a lot back and forth and they can't keep their hands off each other.

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Karen L.

I listened to the audiobook version of this novel, narrated by Savannah Peachwood and Robert Hatchet. If I could award more than five stars for their work, I would! Their interpretation of the dialogue between Astrid and Cal was outstanding. I really felt like I was inside the head of whichever character was voicing their thoughts, and when they were trading snarky comments in conversation there was wonderful energy. Of course, a big chunk of the credit for this amazing read also goes to Ms. Flynn. She wrote characters I wish I could meet in real life - Astrid, Cal, and the whole "backup" cast of coaches, friends and relatives. Throughout the story I felt like I was right there, experiencing all the feels, laughing at all the inside jokes, and kept in just enough suspense to wonder how it was all going to work out. The chemistry between Astrid and Cal was incredible - rather more than either of them could believe at times, and it made for really great reading/listening. I was gifted an advance copy of this novel and requested to offer a review - it was certainly no hardship! Looking forward to more of this series.

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Funny, hot, messy, and just what I needed Walk of Shame is another 5

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Crystal N.

This was a cute, funny, messy romcom that I couldn’t get enough of. I loved the banter and back and forth between Cal and Astrid. The chemistry between the two was on fire and the pull was magnetic. I loved every second of it.

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Erin B.

Firstly, the narrators Savannah Peachwood and Robert Hatchett are PERFECT for this audiobook… Excellent narration! Asteroid and Cal (the MMCs) have HOT chemistry from the start of their relationship and Cal is the sweetest MMC… He lets Asterid know just how much he cares for her little by little with small examples of his affection. Such a sweet, swoony relationship between the two. I loved to listen how their relationship progresses and they grow as characters. The plot progression was great and we DO get a HEA… with a twist. I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious, emotional RomCom. Highly recommend!

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Jocelyne G.

This was my first Avery Flynn's book, and won't be my last. This the second book in the Downside to Dating Series, a Sports Romantic Comedy. Astrid and Cal's story is entertaining, sweet, fun, passionate, and engaging. The supporting characters are great. I liked the friendship and the family ties in the story. Robert Hatchet and Savannah Peachwood did an excellent job bringing these characters and this story to life. I enjoyed it.

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Alaine M.

Walk Of Shame- Avery Flynn Narrated by Robert Hatchett and Savannah Peachwood Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Spice

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Kristin Lira

Walk of Shame is the second book in The Downside of Dating series. This is a neighbors to lovers, office romance. From first meet, Cal and Astrid’s chemistry was palpable and steamy. Both mature adults simply trying to get their life on track. I enjoyed their banter and the supporting characters provided quite a bit of humor. Savannah Peachwood and Robert Hatchet did a really great job bringing these characters to life.

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This was a fun and sexy hockey romance with scorching chemistry and witty banter. The story features the FMC, Astrid and the MMC, Cal. Astrid is the couch’s daughter who vowed to NEVER date another hockey player after a publically humiliating end to her engagement. Cal is a former player turned coach following a career ending injury. Astrid and Cal have a fun night of passion only to soon find out that their paths would cross in a number of ways. Talk about an interesting first impression.

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Walk of Shame is book 2 in the "Downside of Dating" series. It's a fast paced, one night stand, romantic comedy. Cal and Astrid were explosive together. This book is steamy, with all the feels and witty scenes. It's amusing and engaging throughout. I could not put this one down. Robert Hatchet and Savannah Peachwood did a great job with these characters. They really brought these characters to life.

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Jennifer M.

Astrid has written off relationships and hockey and is constantly moving to avoid both. Cal sneaks in under the radar and starts to break down her walls before she even knows what she is getting into. Walk of Shame is full of women empowerment, embracing your sexuality and healing from hurt. I laughed at the banter, swooned at the smooth talking and drooled at the spice! Robert Hatchet and Samantha Peachwood delivered a stunning performance in a dual narration. *The ending was not my favorite. Kinda wish I skipped the second epilogue.

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Chris B.

This fun, steamy, sports romance that will take you for a ride. Clay and Astrid have such great chemistry and banter you cant help but be entranced throughout this story. The narrators, Robert Hatchet and Savannah Peachwood, do an amazing job bringing these to characters to life. I loved every minute of this book and highly recommend that everyone give it a chance. I was given an ALC of this book to listen to and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Jacqueline D.

Walk of Shame by Avery is Book 2 in the Downside of Dating series. A sports romance, comedy standalone. Astrid has given up on hockey players and working with them. New to town Cal walks into a bar to finds a spite fire bartender who has his immediate attention. One steamy night is all both want and get until it becomes more than either bargain for. I loved this audio book the narrators Robert Hatchet and Savannah Peachwood made these characters. If Robert narrates it I am listeing to it. Savannah is also becoming one of my favorites. They hit the right tones, humor and lust/passion. This story was everything I needed I laughed I did some pining and I did some prayers for a HEA. Definitely would recommend to everyone.

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Patricia R.

This book is exactly what I needed today. Avery Flynn is new to me and I heard this was going to a fun, heartfelt listen, full of humor and love. That is exactly what Flynn delivered and I loved it! Savannah Peachwood and Robert Hatchet deliver an amazing narration that added to the fun of this listen. Peachwood plays Astrid perfectly. She is loyal, vulnerable and her pretense of not having feelings comes through in each scene. Hatchet as Cal is charming and sensual, easy to know why Astrid was attracted to him. These two have great comedic timing and made the humor flow right along with the emotions. I enjoyed this, it was just what I needed.

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