Want to Know a Secret?

Written by:
Freida McFadden
Narrated by:
Alyson Krawchuk
Price: $24.99 $7.99

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
8 hours 26 minutes
Everyone has secrets. YouTube baking sensation April Masterson knows the secret to the perfect gooey brownies. Or how to make key lime squares that will melt in your mouth. But if you keep watching her offline, you may find out some other secrets about April. Secrets she’d rather you didn’t know. Like where did her son go when he snuck out of the house? What was she doing with the local soccer coach behind fogged windows? And what’s buried in her backyard? Everyone has secrets. Some are worse than others. April’s secrets are enough to destroy her. I’ll make sure of that.
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Kaitlyn B.

Wow so twisty! I liked the book from the start but 3/4 of the way through it totally blew me away.

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Patricia C.

The first two-thirds of the book seemed a little lame and light reading with the narrating character seeming to be so spineless. Then a twist takes the story in a new direction, and that’s where the author should have left it. The epilogue was too much, and this character’s voice sounded like a gremlin from middle earth. Entertaining read for the most part, but seemed to be trying too hard to to put a final twist on it at the end

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Loved the ending. What a twist. Narrator character voices were good. Unfortunately, the way she reads it, separating sentences where they are supposed to be together was annoying.

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Loved the story and the well done dialogue! Definitely going to find another one of Friedas hits for my next listen!

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Brittany G.

I loved it!

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Peter H.

The end is definitely interesting and unexpected. But over the whole story, I thought „how dumb can one person be“. That was a little bit exhausting

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Eric C.

Loved the twist just over half way through but the ending seemed too smooth and too deliberate to wrap up everything. I did like telling the story using different characters’ angle. It’s worth a read.

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What the f*ск did i read???? The epilogue was … disgusting??? cringey??? Main character is pretentious and this whole book was predictable as heck. i can’t even. Thank god this book was a free one

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Enjoyed the last few chapters of the book when the story all comes together. Got quite irritated in the beginning with the character being so clueless, found myself screaming instructions at her out loud lol. Excellent narrator.

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Tina G.

There were some parts that were a little dumb, but ultimately very enjoyable. A lot of twists, so just when I thought I knew how it was going to come out there was something new. The end kept me listening close.

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Charles Marshall

Good book, nice twist.

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Dan R.

little boring at time then got better surprise ending

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Boring. No real story line.

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Patty Oole

Excellent pace! Great job unraveling the mystery. Kept you guessing.

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