Wanted: Boss Daddy

Wanted: Boss Daddy

Written by:
Sammi Cee
Narrated by:
Shawn K. Jain
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
5 hours 0 minutes
'Why would my boss want someone as young and broken as me for his boy? But the way he looks at me . . . '

Levi has seen more life than anyone his age should have. He's responsible for more than anyone knows. The weight on his shoulders is crippling, but he'd do anything for his family.

When Christian hired Levi, all he saw was a young man with a wound on his face so recent that it hadn't healed yet and desperation in his eyes. He didn't know his story, but he didn't need to. One of the reasons he'd opened The Tap Tavern was to give people who needed a safe place to land a job-a home away from home.

Christian swore to himself he'd never date an employee, but then he's never had one quite like Levi. Levi never planned to trust anyone to help him carry his load, least of all a marshmallow of a Daddy. When unfortunate events force these two men to share a house, will they be able to resist what's been brewing between them right there under the surface?

Contains mature themes.
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