Wanted: Gentle Daddy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
4 hours 27 minutes
Joey thinks he's broken. I think he's beautiful.

Joey's body began betraying him years ago. With his world in chaos, his new friends search for a Daddy to cherish him. When his ex-boss volunteers for the position, Joey panics.

Can Daddy Tucker's gentle touch and soothing presence reassure Joey that he can trust him with all his pain, or will fear of being broken beyond repair keep him from the man he's wanted for years?

Welcome to The Tap Tavern where this chosen family of boys are braver than they think, and their Daddies are ready to be what they want and so much more.

Contains mature themes.
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Claudia L.

I love the book and the whole series. My first time with this narrator (and as a german it's not always easy for me to follow a narrator).

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