Wanting the Winger

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
5 hours 32 minutes
My dad has been the coach of the Charleston Coyotes for as long as I can remember. All the time I've spent in ice rinks has taught me two things:

1. I will NEVER date a hockey player. As a single mom, it's not like I have time for romance anyway.

2. Nothing smells worse than hockey players after a game. And I work as a dog groomer, so I have experience with smelly animals.

It's amazing how quickly my rules are forgotten when Darius walks into my pet salon. Tall, dark, and tattooed with rippling muscles and a perfect smile must be my kryptonite, because I find myself agreeing to go out with him.

But we're both keeping secrets we're not ready to share. And when they finally come out, everything changes between us. I do my best to keep my distance from him.

Yet, the more I fight my feelings, the more I find myself wanting the winger.

Contains mature themes.
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