Warfare part 1 America's Spy Base Pine Gap

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June 2017
0 hours 23 minutes
This is part 1 of a 3 part series on today's modern Warfare. We take a look at how Pine Gap in the Australian Desert is America's biggest spy base in the world. We hear from Professor Richard Tanter and Greens Senator Scott Ludlam at the Peace conference in Australia 2016. We take an investigative look at the USA's military intelligence and communications base of Pine Gap with its capabilities of spying on citizens of the world by tapping into every cell phone. We assemble the best possible picture of what actually goes on at Pine Gap how it is patched into global networks of surveillance. We reveal the facts that Pine Gap is a War fighting base and helps conduct Drone strikes around the world killing thousands of innocent civilians while targeting terrorists in the Middle East and Africa.

There are Geo-stationary satellites that sit above the equator that have giant antennas which pick up weak signals. Pine Gap downloads information from space collecting data from cell phone conversations and are then fed to the US Military and the CIA for future Drone attacks. Pine Gap is a remarkable technological achievement by the USA and is very important for spying and modern warfare.

Pine Gaps role in Australia is poorly understood by the world as it also implicates Australian foreign and defence policy in activities in global mass surveillance and a possible increase of tensions around nuclear warfare. Pine Gap began in the 1960's with 3 antennas but now has 33 large antennas and is expanding all the time.

There is a major debate about whether or not Pine Gap is a joint facility between the USA and Australia. As Pine Gap was built by America, is paid for by America but Australia has very little access to Pine Gap being a very secretive base. We reveal how Australia's past Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was possibly removed from office for questioning Pine Gap as a USA base in Australia and how he didn't like being lied to by America about this spy base. How also it may have been past President Nixon's influence in the 1970's that had Gough Whitlam removed from office for questioning Pine Gap.
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