Warfare part 2 Drones Dropping Bombs

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June 2017
0 hours 23 minutes
This is part 2 of a 3 part series on today's modern Warfare. We take a look at how Drones from the United States of America are used by the US military and the CIA bombing other countries killing terrorists but at the same time thousands of innocent civilians. We hear from PH student Alex and Greens Senator Scott Ludlam at the Peace conference in Australia 2016. We take an investigative look at how Drones are used in modern warfare. We assemble the best possible picture of how drones are used in today's current war against terrorism. We reveal the facts how there is a link between America's biggest spy base in the World, Pine Gap in Australia and Drone bombings in several countries by the USA.
PH students Alex is researching the physiological and physical effects of drone warfare. This current drone warfare is possibly the most significant manifestation of this hiding that the effects of warfare that we don't hear about civil casualties in the media. Governments sell drone technology as causing few civilian casualties.
Drones are remotely piloted aircraft. The people controlling them are sitting back in their home country of the US and the UK, and they fly drones carrying missiles or bombs. Based on the surveillance data that drones collect, they decisions who should be targeted, then drop these bombs or missiles onto those onto who they think ought to be killed. The problems with this drone technology is that they just not hit the person that they're ought to hit, but also innocent civilians. The new 500 pound bomb GBU 12's kill zone is up to 90 metres, so they kill the terrorist but any women or children within that 90 metres also dies.
We don't hear a lot about drone warfare because it's a technical subject and hard to understand. There are drone pilots in the Nevada desert ( USA ) and the UK in Lincolnshire. Drones take off from bases in Africa and then bomb Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria by the US air force which we are formally at war with, but the CIA bombs Northern Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia which we are officially not at war with. The US air force have to report their bombing raids by US law but it's illegal for the CIA to report who they have killed in drone bombings in counter terrorism operations.
We also highlight the brave journalists and whistle blowers such as former drone pilots from the USA who talk about the killing of thousands in innocent civilians by drone bombings. Northern Pakistan society is slowly collapsing because the general population are now too scared to go about a normal day. We look at the physiological effects of drone warfare in Northern Pakistan how community meetings are very rarely held and children are now not going to school because they hear the buzzing sounds of drones above them, fearing they will be killed by a drone bomb.
We hear how terrorists were able to hack into an American spy drone and how Russia, Iran and China are now developing their own drones as it's a race to constantly be on top with this technology. We also look at how this war against terror is fuel by fear. Are we making terrorism worse and has the global security environment worsened because of drone bombings around the world.
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