Warfare part 3 Guam Military Base

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June 2017
0 hours 15 minutes
This is part 3 of a 3 part series on today's modern Warfare. We take a look at how America built a military base on Guam in the pacific with Lisalinda Natividad, PhD from the University of Guam. We hear how Guam was bought by the United States under the Treaty of Paris for a small sum of money. It's location in the pacific is strategic military. It was colonised by the United States and is referred to as America's best kept secret.
Local people of Guam lack any political power to overturn the US defence agenda on their own island. It's an incorporated territory of the United States, thus on the list of the United Nations of non-governing territories which there are only 17 left in the world. Rights of Guam citizens are less than a US citizen as they can't vote in the US elections. Yet Guam is allowed one delegate but has no real power to speak up for the people of Guam.
The United States continues to take the land and the sea around Guam for their military purposes and has more power to take land than the local government of Guam to build basic infrastructure. The community of Guam took the United States to court and won, but then the USA changed their federal laws so the people of Guam no have no real opportunity to fight back through the courts.
We hear about the connection between Guam and Pine Gap with international spying of people and the drone bombings that conducted in various countries. We reveal how Australia is sometimes caught between the disputes of the USA and China but understand that Australia will eventually always side with the USA because of Pine Gap. The USA is always trying to contain China as they're worried about China's rise to power through economics. Although America has about 1000 bases around the world they also have nearly 100 bases facing China given that China is constructing their 1st military base in the South China sea.
The point is made in this part 3 of this series that you should question everything you're told as western media are experts at feeding masses of people false information about Warfare, and the fact that modern Warfare is based on the emotions of Fear.
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