We the People: A Good News Odyssey

Written by:
John Rayburn
Narrated by:
John Rayburn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
10 hours 4 minutes
This adventuresome voyage put John and Carol Rayburn on the road seeking out heartwarming human interest stories about our great country and the positive accomplishments of its people. They visited with thousands of Americans at work and play and collected their upbeat attitudes about the way we are.

This good news odyssey enabled John and Carol to explore the talents and integrity of our people; to rediscover the principles that have kept our country strong and always striving for pride and excellence; and to pass along impressions of the intriguing aura of our nation, the true substance and goals of individuals and communities in far-flung parts of the land.

This is their story, but it’s also your story; a story accentuating the richness and diversity of our country’s unsurpassed and unique heritage. They invite you to come along and share their adventures.

A contact with the White House brought forth encouraging words from the nation’s chief executive.

“Dear Mr. Rayburn:

Thank you for your message. There is much to be done, and I count on your support in efforts to make the new beginning we all desire.

I was pleased to hear about We the People, and I am honored that the theme of national renewal has struck a responsive chord among so many Americans. I hope for the success of the many efforts across this great land to revive the true principles of liberty and patriotism among our citizens.

With best wishes to you as you begin your endeavor,


Ronald Reagan

President of the United States”

An article in the Brockton, Massachusetts, Enterprise newspaper stated:

“It is evident that in their quest they leave behind them the foundation to instill positive aspects, much the same as Johnny Appleseed left a fruitful trail in his wanderings.”
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