The Wendigo

Written by:
Algernon Blackwood
Narrated by:
Arthur Lane

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
2 hours 0 minutes
In Algernon Blackwood's chilling masterpiece 'The Wendigo,' a hunting party ventures into the haunting wilderness of the Canadian backwoods. When an ancient Native American legend begins to manifest in reality, the trip takes an unsettling turn. A sinister force, the Wendigo, a creature of unimaginable hunger and insatiable desire for the human spirit, starts stalking them. The wilderness no longer whispers of serenity but screams of untold terror. The line between humanity and primal fear blurs as they grapple with the terrifying unknown, testing their sanity to the breaking point. With every rustle in the trees and every whisper on the wind, Blackwood's 'The Wendigo' pulls you deeper into the uncanny wilderness, turning a seemingly innocent expedition into a battle for survival against the eerie, unseen predator.
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