What Happened to the Mammoths?: And Other Explorations of Science in Action

Written by:
Jack Myers
Narrated by:
Nick Landrum

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2013
1 hour 34 minutes
Few activities grip our attention more than animal watching. Dolphins and seals bring us much joy, and sharks and alligators hold us in awe. But animals can also prompt a variety of fascinating questions. -Why do dolphins sometimes surf? -How well can birds of prey actually see? -Why do giant pandas eat bamboo fast food? -Why are cavities essential to one reptile's survival? -What effect can a slight temperature change have on alligator hatchlings? -How can some seals stay underwater so long and dive so deeply without harm? Jack Myers-acclaimed molecular biologist and science editor of Highlights for Children from 1956 to 2006-had a knack for simplifying science and making it interesting to children. For this book, he handpicked 12 captivating articles that explore puzzling animal mysteries from 'How Cats Purr' to 'What Happened to the Mammoths?' '. stimulating and sure to inspire young readers.'-Children's Literature 'These articles . spotlight significant scientific finds and tell the story of how they came about.'-Publishers Weekly 'This useful collection of articles . answers interesting scientific questions about animal behavior.'-Booklist
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