What I Believe

Written by:
Leo Tolstoy
Narrated by:
Thomas Collins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
7 hours 54 minutes
I am fifty-five years old and, with the exception of the fourteen or fifteen years of my childhood, I have been until recently a 'Nihilist' in the proper signification of that term. I have not been a Socialist or Revolutionist, but a Nihilist in the sense of being completely without faith. Five years ago I began to believe in the doctrine of Christ, and in consequence a great change has been wrought in me. I now no longer care for the things that I had prized, and I have begun to desire things concerning which I had formerly been indifferent. Like a man who, going out on business, on his way suddenly becomes convinced of the futility of that business and turns back; and all that stood to the right now stands to the left, and all that was to the left is now to the right; his wish to be as far from home as possible is changed to the desire of being as near home as possible. For me, good and evil have changed places.
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