When I Sing, Mountains Dance: A Novel

Written by:
Irene Solà
Narrated by:
Joe Lewis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
5 hours 55 minutes
A spellbinding novel that places one family's tragedies against the uncontainable life force of the land itself.

Near a village high in the Pyrenees, Domenec wanders across a ridge, fancying himself more a poet than a farmer, to 'reel off his verses over on this side of the mountain.' He gathers black chanterelles and attends to a troubled cow. And then storm clouds swell, full of electrifying power. Reckless, gleeful, they release their bolts of lightning, one of which strikes Domenec. He dies. The ghosts of seventeenth-century witches gather around him, taking up the chanterelles he'd harvested before going on their merry ways. So begins this novel that is as much about the mountains and the mushrooms as it is about the human dramas that unfold in their midst.
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