Where Violets Bloom

Where Violets Bloom

Written by:
Daisy Jane
Narrated by:
Daisy Jane , Ryan West
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
12 hours 45 minutes

This is the only way I can make sure she’s safe. And she has to be safe.

My feet are quieter than a whisper as they trudge along the asphalt. She doesn’t look at me until we’re nearly toe-to-toe, because she walks her with her beautiful head tipped down.

That’s something I’m going to change.

I grab her quickly, so fast that she doesn’t even have the chance to make a sound. I’ve got her cuffed and gagged in just moments and in the back seat of my SUV just as quick.

It’s true how it’s always recounted; it always happens so fast.

She struggles against my hands, and I hold her shoulders until she’s out of fight, which only takes a minute. I’m scaring her right now. But I’ll make it right.

And this is for her own good.

She will see.

Violet with the emerald eyes.

Where Violets Bloom is book one in the Men of Paradise series.

Author's note: Please visit the guide on the author's website for all content warnings and other information. For adult listeners.
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