Where We Promise

Where We Promise

Written by:
Ashley Muñoz
Narrated by:
Faith Clark , Nick Mondelli
Coming Soon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
8 hours 20 minutes
The Amazon bestselling motorcycle club romance series returns in this third installment.
Book three will follow two new members of the Stone Riders MC, who have been thrust into suspense and are sure to steal your heart.

In a tangled mess of betrayal and chaos, I was moved almost overnight onto rival territory under the protection of the one man I never wanted to be a burden to.

Jameson King.

To keep me safe, he handed me a ring and told me I’d become his wife. It’s a marriage made of convenience, but there’s a thread of truth neither of us want to examine. The past we’re ignoring, the almost we could have had if our lives were different.

If I hadn’t chosen wrong.

I keep trying to convince myself it doesn’t matter, not when we hold hands or sleep in the same bed. Because Jameson has always held me at arm's length, and my ex is coming for me…we’re just biding our time before this all comes to a messy end.

This is where we promise to hold, honor, and cherish… but what are vows made from lies?
Jameson will stay long enough to ensure I’m safe, and then he’ll let me go, just like he always did before.
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