Whistler's Angel

Written by:
John R. Maxim
Narrated by:
Dick Hill

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
13 hours 2 minutes
Publishers Weekly says: “A slick, darkly comic bad guy vs. Bad guy crime drama…an expertly choreographed death dance showcasing Maxim’s storytelling strengths: farce, blisteringly paced action, and memorably peculiar characters.

At age 34, Adam Whistler wants out. But the service he performed for his government is not the kind they let you walk away from.

To ensure his continued good health, Whistler has “borrowed” important documents from his boss, Felix Aubrey, a dangerous rogue and a very bad man to cross. But so is Adam Whistler, who learned the killing craft well under the tutelage of his father. Now, with a ticking time bomb on his hands, Whistler has been cast into a maelstrom of death and chaos. His continued existence may well depend on a group of assassins linked to the legendary Paul Bannerman, as well as his very own guardian angel.

His gentle and beautiful lover, Claudia – clinically dead after being shot by Aubrey’s hired guns – has been sent back, she believes, by the storied “white light” to protect him. Whistler doubts it, of course, She does not. And she has the talents and powers to prove it.
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