A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln and the 1846 U.S. Invasion of Mexico

Written by:
Amy S. Greenberg
Narrated by:
Caroline Shaffer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2012
12 hours 49 minutes
Our 1846 war with Mexico was a blatant land grab provoked by President James Polk. And while it secured the entire Southwest and California for America, it also exacerbated regional tensions over slavery, created the first significant antiwar movement in America, and helped lead the nation into civil war. A Wicked War is the definitive history of this conflict that turned America into a continental power. Amy Greenberg describes the battles between American and Mexican armies, but also delineates the political battles between Democrats and Whigs-the former led by the ruthless Polk, the latter by the charismatic Henry Clay, and a young representative from Illinois named Abraham Lincoln, who initially drew national attention as a critic of the war. Greenberg brilliantly recounts this key chapter in the creation of the United States, evoking time, place, event, and personality with equal parts authority and narrative flair.
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Christopher Zott

Loved it. A piece of American history that really seems forgotten, but monumentally significant. The weaving of the 4 main characters and their wives was superbly done. The female narrator's inflection was perfect. Really enjoyed the history. It set the stage for the nation changing Civil War.

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Jeffrey B.

Fascinating and disturbing history that I don’t remember from school.

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Jenna L.

very interesting and good context for things leading up to civil war

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Learned a lot from this book!

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Great study of the period and characters.

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Daryl O.

Learn the history you were never taught. Although it's painful to learn of the atrocities and savagery of some of our forbears, it is reassuring to know that others of our forbears spoke out for justice, and it is ultimately cathartic to come to a more honest understanding of our nation's past, and realize that our nation's best days can be ahead of us.

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Gene Robinson

Book an eyeopener for because of the emphasis on politics of the war; which was done thoroughly and presented well. Beautifully narrated.

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