The Wild Hunt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
12 hours 0 minutes
Elizabeth Chadwick’s bestselling, award-winning first novel, and the start of the beloved Wild Hunt series.

In the wild, windswept Welsh marches a noble young lord rides homewards, embittered, angry, and in danger.

He is Guyon, lord of Ledworth, heir to threatened lands, husband-to-be of Judith of Ravenstow. Their union will save his territory—but they have yet to meet …

For this is Wales at the turn of the twelfth century. Dynasties forge and fight, and behind the precarious throne of William Rufus, political intrigue is raging.

Caught amidst the violence are Judith and Guyon, bound together yet poles apart.

But when the full horror of war crashes over Guyon and Judith, they are forced to face insurmountable odds. Together …

Winner of the Betty Trask Award

'An author who makes history come gloriously alive.'—The Times
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