Wisdom: How to Discover Your Path in Work and Life

Written by:
Barry Schwartz
Narrated by:
Barry Schwartz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
6 hours 8 minutes
Barry Schwartz is back! The best-selling author of The Paradox of Choice and Why We Work, this eminent psychologist and leadership guru returns to help you tackle the biggest decisions of your life. His life-changing course weaves vivid case examples, research-based psychological insights, and deep wisdom. You'll find vital takeaways you can use every day. 

In 2004, Schwartz started a movement to help people and organizations flourish by making smarter choices. Since then, millions have experienced the power of his ideas, including more than 25 million who watched his TED Talks. 

Not just another business book, this is a thoughtful audio course delivered by Professor Schwartz himself. With his signature wit, he distills decades of research and dozens of real-world cases into clear frameworks and practical, science-based answers. 

You'll investigate fundamental questions: How can we find the best career path for ourselves? Why do so many smart leaders fail to create flourishing workplaces? What is wisdom, and how does help make happiness possible? 

Through this masterful course, you will discover that practical wisdom is the key to happiness. Dr. Schwartz goes one step further, suggesting what is true of work is also true of love. Gain the wisdom you need to become a better worker, manager, friend, romantic partner, and parent today.
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