Wolf: A Sports Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
4 hours 13 minutes
From bestselling author Lisa Lang Blakeney, comes a new standalone, billionaire boss romance set in the world of professional football.

Ursula: How many ways do I need to say-I quit? My family thinks I'm crazy, my astrology chart says it's a mistake, but after three years of carefully molding the highly narcissistic Cooper Barnes into the 'athlete influencer' of the year- I quit.

He won't care anyway. Whether they work for him or sleep with him, women have always been expendable to the billionaire baller. Even me.

Cooper: What is wrong with Ursula Owens? It's like she woke up one day this whole new person. A woman I don't recognize.

One day she was my quirky, highly organized assistant, happily managing my entire life for me. The next she is handing in her resignation with no warning and no good reason.

Good thing I know what I want. I may have met her by chance, but I'm keeping her by choice. Just maybe our love story is fated after all.

Contains mature themes.
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Patricia R.

Ursula is a hard working assistant who is looking for more in her life. When she finally decides to quit her job, her boss, Cooper is not only shocked but in a panic. But what is the reason for his worry? Is it that she can't be replaced? That she is indispensable to his well being? This slow burn sports romance is full of witty banter and a chemistry that is undeniable. Lisa Lang Blakeney has a knack for writing that pulls you in, makes you feel comfortable and you kick back to enjoy the story of your friends. It's that good! Cooper and Ursula are like people you know. Ursula has that work ethic that is above and beyond. Though she loves her job, she has always wanted to be an actress. Cooper is arrogant, and overpowering, yet he does possess a soft side. But what these two don't know is the common link that holds them together. The twist is unexpected, the romance is slow building, but so good and the story just a great listen. I love this series and look forward to book 3! Hayden Bishop and Jeremy York narrate this gem. Bishop is amazing. I love her narration, and with this character she has a no nonsense tone that suits Ursula to T! It's perfect! Jeremy York as Cooper could not have been cast better. He gives Cooper that superior feel, yet he add that bit of insecurity. It's a great narration and you don't want to miss it!

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