Wolf Born: Lunar Academy, Year One

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
5 hours 8 minutes
Four houses. Traditions. Secrets. And romance waiting at every turn. Welcome to Lunar Academy. Which house will you choose?

Nadia Hazel came to the academy for its academics. What she finds is a side of herself she never knew existed. One that breaks rules, let's curiosity lead her places it shouldn't, and thinks Ryan Grayson looks really good naked.

Ryan Grayson has never given much thought to Nadia Hazel-until now. She's smart, beautiful, and just the kind of feisty he's been looking for. So what if she isn't from a prestigious family like his?

When the two find themselves pulled into a secret organization hidden within the academy, they discover chemistry and mystery make one heck of a combination.
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Thomas V.

The narrator is horrible!

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Iris de Vries

I liked the story. It is your stereotype teen story, but I wanted to listen to something like that. I would have liked a bit more slowing and speeding up in the story. It felt like one speed, as if you were rushing through the plots. The female narrator was good, but the male sounded annoyed and nasally. That make it less fun to listen to.

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Jesslyn P.

The book was good, but the male narrator was horrible! I almost didn’t finish the audiobook because of it. The woman narrator should have narrated the entire book in my opinion. I want to listen to the other books, but will opt to read it myself. I can’t stand another listening session with the male narrator.

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Shawna Fowler

the story was awesome. they are such a cute couple cant wait to listen to the next one. the narrators are another story. the female was okay and should have read the whole book. the male was horrible and should not be reading. absolutely horrible

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The narrators were very good. The man, sounded like a cool late teen. And the woman hit it like a late teen girl, who knows where she is going. But the book was a bit short

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Erin C.

A lot of teen angst and lusty text with very little plot line.

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Herbert M.

great pace and story

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Samantha E.

The male narration blew I hated it so much. His voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard to me. Loved the book though.

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Will D.

The woman narrator was a lot better then the man. She should of narrated the book by herself

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