Wolf: Filthy Rich Alphas

Wolf: Filthy Rich Alphas

Written by:
Kenya Wright
Narrated by:
James Cassidy , Lacy Laurel
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
2 hours 22 minutes
Meet Wolf.

Wolf is a legend, a rebel in the street art world. Museums have paid millions just for him to recreate the hard-hitting political images he’s portrayed on buildings all over the world.

Yet only a few know his true identity.

Red is a rising star. Her murals throughout Miami’s poverty-stricken streets have triggered a craze in not only the art world, but in Wolf.

He’s on Red’s trail, sniffing out her scent in the graffiti jungles of Wynwood and luring her to one of his legendary 420 parties—where true stoners join together on April 20th to partake of the greatest herb.

Red has no time for men. Yet, Wolf is not the type to give up.

Can Red stay on the path and avoid being ate by the big, bad wolf?

Or, will they both collide, on a sensual journey, where weed smoke slips against bare skin and dreams equate to a box full of spray paint, an empty wall, a voice for the people, and two rebels’ hearts beating to the cadence of Miami’s rough streets?
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