The Word of God: How to Read and Understand the Gospel of John

Written by:
Ian Boxall
Narrated by:
Ian Boxall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
6 hours 4 minutes
Why does the Gospel according to John enjoy such timeless popularity? Join celebrated New Testament professor Ian Boxall (Ph.D., University of Oxford) to find out.

The author of numerous books of New Testament scholarship, including The Revelation of John (Continuum and Hendrickson, 2006), Prof. Boxall is the perfect guide to this remarkable text. Nicholas King, S.J. describes him as a beloved teacher who has "captivated his students at the University of Oxford and the Catholic University of America over many years now."

Often called "the spiritual Gospel," the Gospel of John is distinctive for its meditative depth.

This remarkable 15-lecture audio course will guide you through this mystical Gospel, beginning with its majestic, poetic prologue. With Prof. Boxall, you'll explore the miracles or "signs," learn why John's Jesus speaks of himself using cryptic "I am" sayings, and examine how John presents Jesus' death not as a defeat but as a victory. You'll also unpack this Gospel's problematic aspects: notably, its negative portrayal of "the Jews."

As Prof. Boxall brings the Gospel of Johnl to life, you will become fully acquainted with this "beloved disciple."

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