The Worlds Earliest Vampire Chronicles: 25 Essential Tales That Defined Vampire Lore
Release Date
November 2023
19 hours 32 minutes
25 essential tales that defined modern Vampire lore. A MUST HAVE for any Vampire lore fan!

From Folk Tales to Seductive Aristocrats. The best, most complete compilation of Vampire stories from the 18th century to early 20th century.


• Account of A Vampire 

• Dead Persons in Hungary Who Suck the Blood of The Living 

• The Vampyre 

• The Black Vampyre; A Legend of St. Domingo

• Wake Not the Dead 

• The Dead Leman

• The Family of the Vourdalak 

• Varney The Vampyre or The Feast of Blood

• The Vampyre Bride

• The Mysterious Stranger 

• The Coffin-Lid

• The Soldier and the Vampire

• The Last Lords of Gardonal

• Carmilla

• The Vampire Cat of Nabéshima

• Ken’s Mystery

• The Old Portrait

• The Vampire Maid

• A Mystery of the Campagna

• The Vampire of Croglin Grange

• The Tomb of Sarah

• The Singular Death of Morton

• Dracula’s Guest

• The Sumach

• Mrs. Amworth

Special Thanks to Nighttime Editions
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