Woven of the World

Narrated by:
Priya Ayyar

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
0 hours 21 minutes
With clack and swish,
with heart and hand,
we layer row on row.
Our loom sings tales of fabric,
friendship, families long ago.
As rhythmic as the swish of a loom, and as vibrant as a skein of brightly dyed wool, this lyrical book shares the history and practice of weaving through the centuries and around the world, as imagined by a young weaver learning her craft.
At once a celebration of a time-honored art and a meditation on the ways we are interconnected, Woven of the World gathers the threads of weaving—as a technical skill, as a cultural tradition, and as a metaphor for how our lives are knit together—into a radiantly intertwined whole.
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