The Yin-Yang Diet: For Balanced Nutrition, Health and Harmony

Written by:
Ken Babal
Narrated by:
Fred Stella

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
5 hours 42 minutes
The Yin-Yang Diet is a modern, scientific approach to balanced nutrition based on the ancient Asian concept of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang describe how opposites or contrary forces are interconnected, interdependent and complimentary. The book explains the Yin or Yang nature of foods and nutrients and how they affect our constantly changing body chemistry. A diet that is too extreme in either Yin or Yang invites disease. A diet that is balanced in Yin and Yang creates metabolic health and harmony.

On the furthest extreme of Yin are fruit, sugar and alcohol. Eggs, meat and salt are on the furthest extreme of Yang. Nutrients can also be classified as Yin or Yang. The most important mineral ratio is the potassium to sodium ratio. To be healthy, we must strike a balance between sodium (Yang) and potassium (Yin).

Protein (Yang) and fat (Yin) comprise the opposite poles of our 'life battery.' The association of fat and protein represent the interaction of Yin and Yang from which energy and life is created. A key element of The Yin-Yang Diet is a protein-oil shake for regeneration of the body's cells, tissues and organs.

The Yin-Yang Diet includes recommendations for adaptogenic tonic herbs. Yin tonics help with the accumulation of energy and moisture and are nourishing, moistening, cooling or anti-inflammatory. Conversely, Yang tonics help us utilize energy. Yang herbs are activating, drying, warm or hot. They are the sexual, athletic tonics, which stimulate metabolism, build muscle, reduce body fat and strengthen bones and joints.

Other important Yin-Yang considerations covered are Digestion and Elimination, Acid and Alkaline, and Food and Food Abstinence. Recommendations follow each chapter. The Yin-Yang Diet goes beyond a plant-based diet, and there is no calorie counting! When you achieve Yin-Yang balance in your diet, you are on the path to what the Chinese call 'radiant health' or 'health beyond danger.' Radiant health is the highest level of health a person can attain.
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