Your New Playlist: The Student's Guide to Tapping into the Superpower of Mindset

Written by:
Mcrae Acuff , L.E Acuff , Jon Acuff
Narrated by:
Mcrae Acuff , L.E Acuff , Jon Acuff

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
2 hours 35 minutes
When Jon Acuff's book Soundtracks came out, one reaction surprised him. Parents across the country all said the same thing: 'Do you have a version for teenagers? If I knew how to change my mindset when I was that age, my entire life would have been different.' Why did they say that? Because truth grows like compound interest. Saving money when you're young has a bigger impact than it does when you save in your 40s. A single new soundtrack—Acuff's phrase for a repetitive thought—believed when you're 14 or 18 can change your whole life in the same way. In response, Acuff tagged his two daughters to help him create an honest, actionable guide to mindset for teenagers.

Your thoughts can work for you or against you, but the good news is you get a choice. The even better news is when you're young, your entire world is made of new. You're a movie that's barely started, a notebook with blank pages to fill, a song that hasn't hit the chorus. You have your whole life ahead of you. When you learn to create new thoughts, those thoughts lead to actions, and those actions lead to new results. Are you ready to tap into the superpower of mindset? Just hit play.

The audiobook includes an exclusive bonus: a behind-the-scenes Q&A with Jon, L.E., and McRae.
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Fantastic, helpful, practical and funny—this book helps adults and teenagers understand that they can choose and change their thoughts. It also gives you new mottos and phrases that you can immediately incorporate into your own life. I highly recommend it!

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Ashley H.

Loved this for my daughters. Powerful message when it comes from peers who are struggling with the same soundtracks.

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Chris B.

Tremendous book for teens! We homeschool and I have put it on our book list this year, We all need to re-do our our sound tracks and this book written by teens for teens is a game changer. Well written. I especially loved the audio book. Will be sharing with our local homeschool co-op.Well done!

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Wendy B.

I truly loved this book. I loved hearing about the power of mindset from fresh young voices, and I loved the reminders for parents, teachers, and mentors sprinkled throughout. Life for teens and young adults today is NOT the same as when my generation lived through our teens and twenties. Social media complicates things. The level of connectedness that technology makes possible has its positives and negatives. And overthinking is not a unique problem, but the main takeaway of this book is that we can use overthinking to our advantage if we change the direction of our thoughts. We can use our mental playlist to our advantage by speaking kind, encouraging words to ourselves. We can become more self-aware and also take a step back when negative thoughts come to mind to ask if those thoughts are true, helpful, and kind. If we wouldn't talk to a friend the way we talk to ourselves, then we need to rethink how we talk to ourselves. I'm already catching myself pulling information from this book into class discussions with college students as well as my ladies' Bible study group. I fully expect to make this book a staple for upcoming high school graduation gifts.

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Gulzat D.

As a parent of a teenager, very greatful for this book. I learned so much what happens in teens mind. My curiosity was satisfied, because it was based on hundreds anonymous soundtracks of real teenagers. It was eye opening and heartfelt, because they longing for an attention, they want to feel belong and they are under so much pressure. So many apps make their life so much more complicated and we don't even realize that! Jon's girls were so sweet and amazing! I really enjoyed to hear how they've been using positive, life giving soundtracks in everyday life. Looking forward to the paper version!

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Renee M.

This was a fun read, and a great book for any teen who has a lot of noise in their life. I have been looking forward to this book release since Jon Acuff‘s “Soundtracks” and this complementary teen version was so much more amazing than I could have hoped for. McRae and L.E. did such a good job painting a clear picture with relatable examples of how to turn down the dial so truth can be heard. I’m looking forward to giving copies to the teens in my life that could use the positive messaging with the actionable challenges built right in. It is a light and quick read and the audiobook is a great mix of all three authors reading and so fun to listen to with some built in bonuses, don’t miss it!

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Natalie S.

Engaging (for everyone!), easy to listen and relate to and immediately apply concepts. Loved the example lists and encouragement. The narrators made me feel like I wasn't alone in my overthinking of things, and that anyone and everyone has the power to impact their own mindsets and thoughts in a positive way.

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Love when the author reads their own stories! I wished I had this book as a teen!

Your New Playlist: The Student's Guide to Tapping into the Superpower of Mindset
This title is due for release on September 13, 2022.

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Your New Playlist: The Student's Guide to Tapping into the Superpower of Mindset
This title is due for release on September 13, 2022
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Your New Playlist: The Student's Guide to Tapping into the Superpower of Mindset
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Your New Playlist: The Student's Guide to Tapping into the Superpower of Mindset

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