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Zandor: A Family Affair

Zandor: A Family Affair

Written by:
Mj Fields
Narrated by:
Wen Ross , Kai Kennicott
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
8 hours 12 minutes

Coming home from Italy blew, but my brothers had broken THE code. No not some bullshit, 'bro code', but THE 'Bro Code', Forever Steel style.

Jase and Cyrus, my sexual mentors were settling down. I needed to remind them what can happen when the heart overrides the dick and the burden of responsibility that carries. I need to remind them that kitties are to be pet, not possessed.

My first day back to the tattoo shop and all the fucks I gave about 'Bro Code' flew out the proverbial window when I saw a southern bell with a sweet smile, and curves that should have come with a warning.

This kitten has claws.


Having had enough men in my life who had power and control issues, I flew the coop for a fresh start. I landed a job at a tattoo shop. My resumé consists of bullshit and batted lashes.

When Zandor Steel walked in the door and his eyes met mine, I knew I was screwed. He's sex on stilts, with an alpha allure that women find absolutely irresistible.

Unfortunately for him, I was on a diet. A cock diet. It didn't take long for me to realize, alpha and asshole were none inclusive attributes, and so are sex and sensuality.
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